Nostalgic Free Running


I was 16 when the first Assassin’s Creed game came out. I played the game and its successors through high school and after that in university. At the time it came out, it was such a big deal to me. It seemed like a revolution in game industry and the first two games were really awesome, they defined some standards in gaming in their era. From Assassin’s Creed III ( which was not the third game!!!), A lot of people started to drift away. I still play the game to follow the story. But do not like it as before.

Today I found this 5 minutes story walk through of the whole versions of the game. It may be fun to people who are a fan, or were a fan, like me.

In the second game, there were some memory parts which you could unlock through the game’s achievements, named The Truth. That was also fun. The idea of Adam and Eve running from a bunch of gods from different cultures was new, I can give it that.

New School, First Week.


I have moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a Ph.D. Degree in Software Engineering. Living on one’s own is a very huge step in everyone’s life, Specially in America.

In this few days that I have been here I have noticed some useful points to share with the ones who have the same condition:

  1. First Step, Bank Account: Your first step in this country would be to open a bank account. There are a lot of points in doing so. First, to get a credit card, which is an essential means to continue living and earning credit points, You have to have two conditions. Having a SSN, and having a bank approval. To obtain a Social Security Number you have to go on a process of applying and getting it. But to have bank approval you have to have an account in the bank for some time. So the sooner you open a bank account the sooner you can get a credit card.
    Second, Every other one of your future steps will depend of having a debit card. So you kind of have to open a bank account to run your errands.
    About the number of bank accounts you need. Specially for people from Iran. Two bank Accounts is the minimum you need. I, as well as my other friends here, suggest Chase and Bank of America for starters. Both of them offer college accounts with facilities and bonuses for college and university students. In branches near your university you may have the option of getting a card with your university logo on It.
  2. Second Step would be to get a cell phone number. There are a lot of carriers in the US. Be sure to pick the right one for your needs. In the Los Angeles are, AT&T and Verizon provide the best service. You can ask your classmates and other students about this matter. You can also schedule an appointment with a professional in the carrier’s store near you. This way, You can find out the carriers plans to obtain a cellphone.
  3. CHECK FACEBOOK, There are always a lot of pages for newly admitted and current students of each university through which you can discover useful information with ease. Information like how and where to but stuff, people who want a room mate and even students who want to sell some of their stuff for a very low price.
  4. Go  to University: finally, You have to go to university for Passport Verification sessions, Orientation Day and other sessions before the semester starts. Meet with your adviser and Lab mates or other students to find connections. You have to verify your passport before the end of your tenth day at university. with verifying your passport and getting your forms and documents from university, You can apply for SSN( Social Security Number). With SSN, you can apply for stuff like credit card or driver’s license.


  5. Use Amazon!!! after getting your debit or credit card, Set up an account in amazon. You can find anything in amazon. It will save you a lot of time. More important point is that you can get 6 month free prime membership using your university email address and get any thing in the prime category with free delivery. Using your university email address can save you a lot of money when registering for some of the online services.

That is my whole experience in this 4-5 days. Try to stay calm and make new friends. Enjoy the new environment and use it to thrive and make a whole new start. I will post my new experiences.

A Great Book On Time Management

Time Management For Creative People

In project management topics, there is a behavior called “student syndrome”. Student syndrome refers to the phenomenon that many people will start to fully apply themselves to a task just at the last possible moment before a deadline.

There is a reason they have named it “student” syndrome, you know.  Maybe it is because of the common procrastination, which is now a standard behavior among us, The Students. And of course, We always get good results from this habit, almost every time. But to which extent can we use this habit and still be good? When the work mass pass a certain degree, We will face the real mess. A great Bulk of works and projects which should be done by yesterday and the resulting anxiety of having a lot on mind, like, all the time. It is the time that we have to stop being us.

Another situation occurs when we enter the real world, AKA  the industry. After joining a company and getting a real job for the first time. I suddenly found out that my dear friend, The Procrastination Habit, has now turned against me. It was now my greatest enemy.

What is the point in explaining all of these? To remind you the problem. Just imagine the frustrations of deadline nights again. But there is always a way. Actually, a whole lot of ways. All of us have seen productivity hints and books, scheduling apps on our smartphones and, finally, Lots of talks and sessions about how to effectively manage your time. I think all of them are good, If we actually do the things they tell us to do. I want to introduce one more book about time management today.

One of the best books in this matter is “Time Management for Creative People”. I have recently read this book, and it was great!!! In this book, the writer has gathered some good methods from other sources and books and introduces a framework in which they can all work together and result in a schedule where nothing is forgotten and nothing is delayed. On top of all, You can relax and even find some extra time with peace. I really suggest reading this book, But if you cannot find enough time to read this(!!!), here is some useful tips from it:

  1. Make a Mind state : The first and the most important tip of the book is mind state, The writer suggests making a mind state every time you have work to do, which is physical and mental state based on your habits where everything is where you want and you are used to see it there, like having your coffee mug next to your left hand or starting your work exactly on a specified time. With establishing mind state you don’t have to worry about anything and your unconscious mind can be free of thinking about your environment to get used to it. Make and implement some habits about your working time and make it familiar for yourself.
  2. Email to Do it tomorrow: One of the other things that bothers our mind is never ending stream of emails.  Remember when you have some work to do and as soon as you start you get a new mail that says you have to to do something as soon as possible. Emails are not the only distraction. Sometimes it’s phone call, sometimes it’s a message and so on. Have a way to tell yourself that you do not need to take care of such things ASAP. For emails, You can label them “Do it tomorrow”, you can have a bucket list for everything. having a bucket list or to do list also helps you to figure out how much work you can do and evaluate yourself. It also brings a feeling of achievement every day by making you feel you are making progress. By “Do It Tomorrow” email label, You wont feel the need to check your inbox every five minutes, because your mind don’t expect fast reactions from you every time you are assigned with a new task. You can check your email twice a day and label everything “Do it tomorrow”. Do not worry about other people. After a few time, They will get used to your new style, Doing everything tomorrow strategy, instead of doing them at once or not doing them at all strategy.
  3. Fence you time: By practicing the tips above and other hints in the book, You can fence some time to do creative work. Imagine having a time window all for yourself, without checking the inbox or your cell phone.  You can have several hours, doing what you like, not worrying about the inbox or works you have to do.

Again, I really suggest that you download and read this free book.

A New Start

Facing a lot of changes, pressure and unfortunate events recently, I am looking forward to some upcoming changes which I am hopeful to make my life better. I going to start a new life, therefore I am going to start a new blog.

I have always wanted to start such blog to share my thoughts and things I learn with the others. So this will be different from the other ones. I will post different things here. everything from tech to programming solutions and snippets I find.

Maybe I will leave this just as I left my other weblogs. But I want to take this seriously.

So wait for my upcoming posts.


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